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The CUK Online Payments Portal is a centralized online payment solution which can be used by Students/Candidates, Job Aspirants, Suppliers, etc. for online payments towards Central Univesity of Kashmir. Use the following instructions to make the payments using the portal:

  1. Click on the CUK Online Payments Portal Link to visit the portal
  2. Select the Payment type (e.g: Admission Fee, Recruitment Fee, Hostel Fee, etc.) from the Dropdown and click Continue
  3. Fill the required form fields. Check/Verify the Total Fee generated and Click on Submit
  4. The System will generate the Unique Payment Id. Click on Make Payment
  5. On the Next screen, the details entered, including the amount of payment is displayed. Again verfiy the amount and click on proceed to make payment.
  6. The Payment can be made using Debit Card/Credit Card or Net Banking. Use your preffered option to complete the Payment process.
  7. Take the print out of the Payment receipt generated for your reference.


CUK Online Payments Portal

CUK Online Payments Portal (Admission-2019)



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